Beauty Tips for Plus Size Women

Beauty tips for plus size women revealed! Generally, women with round face shapes tend to look younger. They exude a youthful appearance and a friendly expression to the world. Plus size women need some angles to give them balance and proportion. Some hairstyles, jewelry, glasses, exaggerate the circular shape.You should explore different styles, makeup tips, and the best eyeglass shapes to accentuate the beauty if you are a plus sized. So let’s take a closer look at some beauty tips for plus size women.

Beauty Tips for Plus Size Women: Makeup Application

1. Your goal is to create more of an oval shaped face when applying makeup. This is easy to accomplish. You can begin by using two closely related shades of foundation. Use a slightly darker foundation on the outer portions of your cheek area. Use the lighter shades to highlight the forehead and chin area. This will effectively create an illusion of a slimmer face. When applying blush, be sure and avoid the apples of your cheeks. Blush should be started on your upper cheekbone area, no closer than the pupil of your eye to your nose, and with a sweeping motion, bring the blush brush up to the eyebrow area. In essence you are doing an exaggerated C shape with your blush.

Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

  1. Plus size women should focus on hairstyles that are not full or round. Layered styles work best with round faces. Typically, a side or off-center part is best. Sideswept bangs add balance. Avoid very long or short hair, or styles with heavy, straight bangs. Avoid styles that are cut exactly at chin length, or pulled back in ponytails. Do try to style your hair so the top is heightened and the sides are slenderizing.

Eyeglass Shapes

  1. Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses, or just wear sunglasses when outdoors, the shape of your frames can make a huge difference. Choose square or angular frames to make the most of your beauty. Make sure the frame edges do not go beyond the cheekbone area; this will cause an unintentional widening of the cheeks, which is already the broadest part of your face.

Best Jewelry for Plus Size Women

  1. According to the Beauty and the Bath website, when shopping for earrings look for geometric shapes, not button earrings, or extremely small earrings. Look for square, triangle, or circle shapes. Dangle earrings should never be extremely long; this will just emphasize the face shape. When choosing a necklace, choose one with pendants or amulets. This creates a triangular shape and brings the focus to the neck area.

These are some of the beauty tips for plus size women that you can make use of. Don’t let your plus size stop you from being more radiant; follow these beauty tips and be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. For more information on beauty tips for plus size women, please visit our fashion and hairstyles sections.

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