Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

Hairstyles for plus size women vary according to the shape of the woman’s face, her personality and sense of style, and other factors. Some women choose to follow celebrity trends when it comes to hairstyles, while others look for ideas that flatter the shapes of their faces or suit their own personality. No matter what the rest of your body looks like, it is often your hair that makes you unique, regardless of your inspiration for the style. Here are some of this year’s most popular hairstyles, in no particular order.

Plus Size Celebrities

A lot of women, especially young women, tend to beautify and accessorize their bodies based on current trends among celebrities. This is no different for plus size women, and some of the hottest haircuts for plus size women are the direct result of celebrity influence. QueenLatifahinspires many different women with her beautiful weaves, as do the new-and-improvedRikkiLakeandMelissaMcCarthy, star of hit TV showMikeandMolly. For the plus size women who have let their hair grow out or become inspired to get healthier, these stars have not allowed being plus size to let themselves look anything but fabulous.

Short hairstyles for plus size women

With many different stereotypical peers telling us that we have to wear long hair in order to look feminine, many plus size ladies turn to haircuts that are exactly opposite of what society says we have to do in order to be pretty. Short haircuts are quickly gaining popularity, and these are very attractive on some plus size women, especially the flirty bobs and pixie cuts that have been trendy since the 1960s. Bold and spiky haircuts are also gaining popularity this year, with more shaved sides or Mohawks among the spunkier plus size women.

Medium-length Hairstyles for plus size women

Medium-length hairstyles for plus size women go no shorter than the chin but no longer than the shoulders, and this is actually the most common choice for women with all body types. One trendy example is a cute long bob with flipped out ends, creating a sassy and flirty style very popular for plus sized women. Since it requires nothing more than a blow dryer and large round hairbrush, it is easy to achieve a great look even if you do not have a lot of time for getting ready each morning or evening.

Longer hairstyles for plus size women

Long hair is losing popularity each year, as fewer non-celebrity women choose to go through the hassle of keeping their long hair looking great and opt instead for shorter, more manageable styles. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of women with long hair, which is a hairstyle that is longer than shoulder length, and it can be a very beautiful choice if you are willing to take the time necessary to keep it thus. From curling irons to blow dryers, creams and conditioners to volumizers, long hair can be a nightmare for the woman in a hurry most days.

Unique Hairstyles for Plus Size Ladies

The best choices for plus size hairstyles for women can also be unique, and this option can encompass a wide range of haircuts and styles. For instance, one of today’s hottest fashions is an inverted look that is very short in the back but almost medium-length in the front. It is flattering on a heavier woman, even if her hair is thin or fine, and a fairly easy look to maintain. Hair extensions are another popular unique hairstyle, with women choosing to improve the fullness, length, or both with a few extensions to her natural hair.