Big Dogs Shirts for Men Product Review

T-shirts are the item found most often in a guy’s dresser, outnumbering just about any other type of clothing he owns. Guys buy t-shirts because they are comfortable, inexpensive, have great logos or captions, or to support a particular sport or team in most cases. Big Dogs offers a wide variety of comfortable t-shirts, and most feature quotes or images that appeal to men in all walks of life. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit just about any guy’s build. So how do Big Dogs Shirts compare?

How Big Dogs Shirts Fit

Fit is everything to the typical man because for many guys if the t-shirt is not comfy it will sit in a dresser drawer without being worn.  The fit of these t-shirts is very good, and the fabric offers flexibility and comfort without losing style. The width of the sleeve is fine for those guys who are somewhat more muscular than others and the shirt’s chest is also comfy and stretchable for a bulky guy. T-shirt length is perfect for men who are about regular height (5’6 to 6’0), but they also look good on a somewhat shorter guy or a little taller than normal guy.

Wear and Wash of a Big Dogs Shirts

A guy wants a t-shirt that he can wear, toss in the washer and dryer, and then hang it up or put it in a dresser drawer until he’s ready to use it. No need to iron, dry by laying it flat on something, or hand-wash with these t-shirts. They are easy to care for and very durable.

How Big Dogs Shirts Look

Unlike ladies, most guys are not as concerned with style when they are looking at t-shirts, focusing on what is on the t-shirt or what they want to have. Whether that means a red t-shirt with a pocket or something with a favorite team, the current fashion does not matter one bit in this case. That said, these t-shirts have a great style, since they are printed on comfortable Hanes t-shirts. Great brand name plus great fit and durability equals perfect style in this case.

Personal Review/Client Testimonial for Big Dogs Shirts

I recently made a clothing purchase from Big Dogs, and chose a few different items to add to my clothing options. I wear t-shirts for work, school, and at home, but enjoy shopping for new ideas that help me express my personality. I really liked the t-shirt that I got in this order and wear it a lot to show off the logo that I chose, which says that “Attitude is Everything.”

The Big Dogs shirts really fit great! It fit me at the shoulders, chest, arms, neck, and length even though I am not in the best shape and have a long waist. I will definitely be looking at more t-shirts and other clothes from Big Dogs because I got a great deal and was very pleased with my purchase overall.

One of the main reasons that I chose this t-shirt brand was because I know it can easily be washed and dried, which is great for me since I live by myself and do not like to fool with instructions that include washing anything by hand or having to remember to take something to be dry cleaned. I can toss this t-shirt in the washer with the rest of my clothes, move it to the dryer when it is done, and then put it away without having to worry about that logo cracking, peeling, or flaking off.

I will definitely be telling my family and friends about Big Dogs shirts and the deal that I got with them. They are friendly to customers, the order was shipped very quickly, and the t-shirt looked just like the picture in every way. Overall, I rate this a very good transaction and will be shopping again in the near future.

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