Flattering Fashion Styles For Plus Size Ladies

Fashion styles for plus size ladies: sometimes, it is hard to admit even to ourselves that we cannot shop in the trendiest sections in a given store. Most stores put the plus size fashions in a different department, and some have fewer trendy and fashionable styles for plus size women. Some even charge more for plus size clothing, which feels like another blow to our pride. However, there are many flattering fashion styles for a plus size body, each that will offer definition and highlight a fuller figure, and most are very affordable at the right stores.

Look for shirts and dresses with an A-line pattern. These accent your waist, and are great for bustier women, as they minimize the cleavage and maximize the curve appeal. A flowery dress or top under the A-line will minimize the tummy, and make hips appear smaller as well. They are comfortable and roomy, without feeling or looking like a circus tent.

Choose colors and fabrics that work well with your complexion, not simply your favorite colors. You can visit a makeup counter to find out what season’s colors work best for your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, and choose fabrics and prints that work for you, complementing your best features. Although most advice columns for plus size women recommend sticking with navy or black, these are not flattering on every full figured woman, and dressing like we are heading for a perpetual funeral is not an exciting or trendy fashion statement.

As most critics are fast to point out, it is best to avoid horizontal stripes, as they make your waist and bust (and behind) appear much larger and do not make the best choice for fashion styles for plus size ladies. Diagonal or vertical stripes are slimming, but avoid fatter stripes as they can make you look more bulky, especially if you have a bigger bust. A combination of wide stripes and thin stripes is attractive and flattering, and pinstripes are always a great choice especially for a fashionable and dressy suit.

Floral prints should be kept to a minimum, and avoid the fat, showy floral prints that are often found on plus sized clothing. Prints should be smaller, and color patterns should suit you, not clash with your hair or skin tone. While it can be very flattering and beautiful to add a corsage or hair accessory with a larger flower, avoid them on shirts, dresses, and skirts. They accentuate the parts of your body that you are trying to minimize or hide altogether.

Most plus sized skirts offer a split for comfort and style, but be wary of the split when sitting, as they tend to pull open. Choose skirts and dresses with a minimal split in comparison to the length of your legs. Make sure that the split comes no higher than your knee, in order to avoid unsightly gaps that expose too much leg (or worse). Skirts should be worn at about calf length, to maximize height and minimize the appearance of cellulite, especially at the thigh and behind the knees.

Finally, geometric patterns are very flattering fashion styles for plus size women. Colors should cooperate well with each other, and with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color, creating a very neat and fashionable outfit. Pair with slacks or jeans that fit well. If you wear the pattern on a shorter dress, add a pair of cute leggings that match to slim and lengthen your legs. Complete any of these looks with a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes that fit well.

Flattering fashion styles for a plus size women are available at a wide variety of retailers, and once you know your measurements, you can even choose online shopping for a more convenient shopping opportunity. Choose the right styles and shades, and you will look fabulous, no matter what size you wear.

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