How to Order Healthy at Restaurants

Do you know how to order healthy at restaurants? With a fast-paced lifestyle and the wide availability of fast food outlets, it is an inevitable that we end up eating on the go. It’s convenient and well all do it sometime. Countless reports claim that, fast food is among the number one cause for obesity. However, with reports of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes on the rise, many people are now more conscious of the food they eat. But how to order healthy at restaurants of your choice for example? Here are some tips on how to order healthy at restaurants when picking up your next meal at a fast food outlet:

Healthier Food Choice: Avoid drinking soda with your meal.

One ‘happy meal’ can already fill up your entire required daily calorie intake. Don’t add more insult to injury; drinking water is the best option. Add some lemon to the water or order unsweetened tea or coffee instead to cut down calories.

Healthier Food Choice: Ask if the crew can prepare your meal in a ‘lighter way’.

If possible, request your food to be broiled or steamed instead of fried, with less sauce on the main dish and less dressing on your salad.

Healthier Food Choice: Go easy on the condiments.

Foods served in fast foods outlets are often high in sodium. Reduce your risk of hypertension by avoiding the use of more salt. It also helps if you remove the salt bottle on your table to so you wouldn’t be tempted to sprinkle extra salt on your food.

Healthier Food Choice: Read the menu carefully.

Healthy eating also means making informed choices. Ask what ingredients are used if not clear and how the dishes in the menu are prepared. Veer away from deep-fried, Alfredo, battered, au gratin, creamy, and breaded dishes as they are high in calories, unhealthy fats, and sodium. Knowing how to order healthy at restaurants doesn’t take much time if you take one minute to read through. Think about it.

Healthier Food Choice: Watch your portion size.

This is very much like watching your waistline size. A smaller portion size controls your caloric requirements, so avoid super sizing your meals. Don’t finish a big serving by yourself, share it with somebody or take it home.

Healthier Food Choice: Steer clear from buffet tables.

Buffet setting is one of the best exercises in practicing self-control. You can still enjoy your food however, make sure you have more servings of fruits and vegetables and resist the temptation to make another helping especially if you are feeling full. Remember that this is a lifestyle change. Soon you’ll conclude that healthy eating is not as hard as you think it is. In the end, it is you that will benefit from these healthy practices. Follow these simple yet effective tips for on how to order healthy at restaurants of your choice and you’ll be able to enjoy a great meal as well as better health.

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