Ireland, A Perfect Plus Size Vacations Getaway

Looking for a perfect plus size vacations package? Most vacation planning companies, tour guides, travel agents, booking agencies, and travel advisers send you to exotic locations that feature beaches, bikini-clad beauties, and other ego-ruining factors that make a plus size person feel out of place. Instead of choosing a great beach, where you feel like you have to wear that dreaded bathing suit, consider somewhere different. Places like Ireland offer so much to travelers, and enjoying your vacation is the key, not going somewhere that everyone goes.

Depending on why you are going, Ireland has something for everyone, from party havens, to historic monuments, to interesting sites, and much more. Most require no bathing suit, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin when on a plus size vacations trip. In addition, you will have new and interesting stories to tell about your spring break, aside from everyone’s cruise and beach story. This way, you can be different, but still have a great time.

There are dozens of famous historic sites here, including castles, villages, ancient libraries, and breathtaking scenery. If those aren’t enough for you, consider fun and interesting sites like the Blarney Stone, especially if you want an instant imaginary boost to your speaking abilities. The “gift o’ the gab” is a great reason to visit the beautiful and imposing castle, and the world-famous rock on top is just icing on the cake.

Parts of Ireland are also party central, and the Irish are known all over the world for their partying capacity. From interesting and unique alcohol flavors to party-friendly atmospheres, spring break is just another reason to get together for this vacation haven. Here, you can be yourself, and no one will be bothered if you do not bring your bikini. The only thing to remember is that Ireland does have very strict drinking and driving laws, so you will want to keep a designated driver or the number of a local taxi service handy when you plan to drink.

Keep in mind that, like most overseas destinations, you will need a passport to travel to Ireland. Do this early to avoid problems, and consider registering with the United States Embassy for safety’s sake (regardless of where you decide to go). They can point you in the right direction for places to stay, and give you a lot of helpful information about the area in general, including any relevant or pertinent safety tips. On average, the crime rate in Ireland is mostly restricted to typical petty crimes toward tourists, such as purse snatching, so being careful is the key to any good vacation.

Unlike the crime rate in destinations like Mexico,Ireland has very few problems with terrorists, drug lords, cartels, or similar problems these days. The abduction rate in Mexico increases every year, but it still remains a very popular tourist destination. You have enough to worry about with deciding what to wear when you travel, weight limits/restrictions on your means of transportation, and comfortable traveling accommodations. Adding worry about kidnapping or terrorism ruins the relaxation of any vacation, regardless of how much “fun” is available overall.

Being plus sized should never mean that you cannot go where you want to go. However, people can be cruel, and what fun is a vacation where you feel out of place amongst even friends? Choosing somewhere neutral is a great way to enjoy time away from home and/or work, and locations that offer fun for everyone are the best neutral locations. Ireland has so much to offer anyone who visits, regardless of weight, so consider somewhere that is interesting—and different—for your next vacation, spring break blowout, or honeymoon destination. Start enjoying your perfect plus size vacations from now on.

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