Large Size Mens Clothing, What to Look for and Where to Buy

Large size mens clothing can be hard to come by through normal shopping avenues. Most big size clothing for men must be purchased either online or through specific stores for large men. Large size mens clothing is also typically thought of as being severely limited to t-shirts and blue jeans. Large size clothing for men also uses dressy polo-styled shirts, button down dress shirts, dress pants, and corduroy pants as well. Several of these styles should be avoided by large sized men unless they know their sizes perfectly or are helped by a fit specialist. Many plus sized male individuals find that shopping alone without their significant others can be beneficial in finding the styles that they prefer verses the styles they are asked to wear. Attempting to shop for clothing with children is also a difficult task, if not all but impossible.

What Styles A Plus Sized Man Should Avoid

Large size mens clothing styles a man should avoid are button down shirts and corduroy pants. Corduroy pants often make a swishing sound similar to a zipper being unzipped. This sound is caused by the friction of the wearer’s thighs rubbing together. This friction can also cause the pants to wear out prematurely and may result in an embarrassing clothing malfunction. Many plus sized men find that corduroy pants can be very uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis as they can cause sensitive skin to chaff and become raw, making it difficult to walk and move about.

Button front dress shirts are also items that many larger men should avoid. Large size mens clothing and tall male clothing is made differently than standard sizes and thus giving cause for needing a fit specialist when trying to purchase button front dress shirts for a plus sized man. Many large sized men find that their button front shirts either aren’t long enough to cover their midsection or are too tight and cause the fabric between the buttons to gap.

Turtleneck shirts should also be avoided by plus sized men. Turtleneck shirts are often tight around the neck on even plus sized shirts, men with thick necks often find that they are constricting. The tightness around the neck can also cause difficulty breathing and cause circulation between the brain, heart and lungs to be reduced. Turtleneck shirts can also cause the wearer to become overly heated quickly, especially when indoors in a heated environment.

Bulky knit sweaters are another item large-sized men should avoid. Many large sized men often find themselves with a lower tolerance to warm clothing and knit sweaters can quickly cause the wearer to overheat and possibly pass out. Bulky knit sweaters also cause the wearer to look larger than he actually is due to the fact that the yarn used to knit the sweater is thick. Knit sweaters can also irritate sensitive skin that is already irritated due to cooler, drier fall or winter air.

Where to Buy Large Size Mens Clothing

Large size men clothing is most often found online, in department stores, and in specialty stores. Department stores and special plus sized clothing stores for men are the best options due to the fact that they will have fit specialists to help the large sized man to get the right clothing for his particular body style. Plus size clothing for men can be purchased online; however, it is not the best option for items such as button down shirts. Plus size male designer t-shirts are easily purchased in many places, such as chain stores, department stores, and specialty stores both online and in store.

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