Large Size Womens Shoes, Best Places to Buy Revealed!

Much as we want to, not every woman has Cinderella’s feet—small and slim and can fit into a restrictive pair of glass shoes. This is a sad fact that many large and tall women in our country have to face. It is already a challenge to find gorgeous plus-size clothing, but it is even more difficult to get classy and fun large size women shoes.

Top 6 Places to Get the Best Large Size Women Shoes

But don’t fret! We have found six awesome places where you can buy the classiest and trendiest large shoe designs:

Large Size Womens Shoes – Long Tall Sally
Offering shoes up to size 15, this shop is a heaven for women with big feet. Having partnered with Barefoot Tess, it is now providing an even bigger collection of brands and styles to accommodate all fashion tastes. Long Tall Sally currently has three branches in the USA—Denver; Utica, Michigan; and Mall of America in Minnesota) with another opening in Chicago this summer.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Nordstrom

This is a shop that many women regularly shopping for large size women shoes swear by as sizes goes up to 14. While it has limited numbers of brick-and-mortar shops and prices aren’t the cheapest, the range of brands and designs it carries never fail to attract customers. The Nordstrom Rack, which continuously runs irresistible promotions, is especially a hit. If you can’t find a location nearby, you can always check out its online shop.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Shoes of Prey
Do you want to have a unique pair of shoes that will be the envy of your family and friends? Then, you will love Shoes of Prey. This Australian brand, offering up to size 15, allows you to choose a shoe style (e.g., ballet flats, wedge, and stiletto) and customize the design—you can pick the material, color, and heel height (if heeled). Alternatively, you can modify designs from partner brands Janie Bryant, Romance Was Born, and Carla Zampatti.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Net-a-Porter
If you are searching for luxurious brands, look no further than Net-a-Porter. This online distributor showcases designs only from top brands such as Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, and Saint Laurent. It publishes a monthly magazine where you can get fashion ideas and, if you want an even greater variety of large size women shoes and maybe get some discount, its sister site, The Outnet, will certainly be your shoe haven.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Zappos
Navigating Zappos may feel as if you are trapped in a crazy, never-ending maze due to the overwhelming number of options. The upside to that, however, is that you can rest assured that you will always be able to find something that suits your fancy. We suggest using the search bar to weed through styles and easily find your best shoe matches.

Large Size Womens Shoes – Isy B. Shoes
This one is not exactly a store, but it is no doubt a highly-useful resource for shopping large women shoes. Listing the best fits up to size 16, it allows users to add and review shops. You can find stores based on shoe size and get deals from your favorite brands.
We know it can be tricky to find great shoes when you have big feet, but if you know the best places to shop for large size women shoes, shoe shopping can be a lot of fun.

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