Liposuction Risks, Liposuction as a Method of Loosing Weight

What are the liposuction risks? Everyone who has ever considered liposuction knows that there are many reasons to avoid a cosmetic surgery, unless there is no other choice. However, many do not fully appreciate the inherent dangers associated with this style of rapid weight loss solution. After all, it is considered a voluntary surgery, but with the dangers risked by an emergency surgery, and it costs a lot of money.

Obviously, the most critical factor is your health. Any surgery runs a few types of complication risks, and an elective surgery like liposuction is no different. Anyone who has it done can, and likely will, experience at least one of the following liposuction risks?


Tender/painful feelings

Swollen/inflamed surgery area



Allergic reaction

However, the typical surgery problems are not the only issues faced by liposuction patients. Like any doctor, plastic surgeons are not robots, and have the potential to make mistakes—some very serious. In addition, the completed product may not be what you had in mind, although you will still be required to pay for it. There may be errors or inconsistencies in the surgeon’s work, which can drastically affect a plus size person’s already fragile self-esteem. Unless you can afford a higher end surgeon, this is likely not the best option for you, since this is another case where you often receive what you are willing to pay.

Like all forms of emergency surgery, you could die on the operating table. This is a worst-case scenario, but a reminder of the dangers that you face, even with a voluntary surgery by a professional. Death can be due to allergic reaction, anesthetic problems, complications due to pre-existing medical problems, infections, or similar problems after the surgery which add to the liposuction risks.

With the dangers in mind, know that liposuction techniques have improved dramatically over the last few years. Instead of being forced to undergo massive surgery to get liposuction, now you can choose Botox and similar injection forms of rapid weight loss that cost less, but still pose many unique risks. Like the old days, however, most people who choose this type of surgery have the financial backing to repeat the job if something doesn’t turn out right, or have deformities that require some type of intervention.

The first form of liposuction risks was lethal in a lot of cases, due to extreme blood loss. The “dry” method of liposuction was reserved for those with extreme deformities, and the average person would not have considered it for purely cosmetic purposes. The cost was often outrageous, and insurance did not always cover all of it, and that alone was a put-off for most people, considering the budget considerations of the time for the average person.

Improvements in reducing liposuction risks have been made to the process since then, and now laser-assisted liposuction is the preferred method for most plastic surgeons in the world. This reduces blood loss dramatically, thereby cutting down on the chance of very serious complications, although these are still a possibility. The less invasive the technique, the safer it likely is, although each method has its own form of side effects and dangers.

With a wide range of potential liposuction risks to consider, and your wallet in mind, before you choose cosmetic surgery, you should consider all other options, and make sure to consult with your doctor. Most insurance policies do not cover cosmetic surgery, so you will likely have to foot the entire bill yourself. Dozens of alternative weight loss options, less expensive and less invasive, exist, if you do some searching and commit to a plan. In the vast majority of cases, surgery is not a requirement, and can be avoided.

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