Plus Size Furniture Shopping Tips

Finding the right plus size furniture for overweight people is a challenge. From weight capacity to design and functionality, the plus size furniture selection that accommodates this market is not well publicized  Think about how many times you guessed how well the furniture is made before sitting down in a meeting or at a friend’s party. Not all is lost. Here are some tips that will help you live more comfortable when looking for plus size furniture.

Plus Size Beds

What makes plus size beds appropriate for overweight people is the heavy duty steel frame construction, reinforced springs and increased height for ease of movement. The Companion HD is a head and foot adjustable, heavy duty bed. This bed provides a weight capacity of 600 pounds and could be ordered as a twin, full or queen size. A hand control is available for comfort settings. Another suggestion is an air bed such as James Air. Air beds give you the ability to adjust the firmness desired by increasing or decreasing the air volume.

Plus Size Mattresses

When purchasing a mattress, plus size people need to consider the thickness, material and firmness of the mattress. Foam, latex and spring coil mattresses are some examples. Generally, the foam and latex mattresses are a better choice since they lack the coils which could wear down over time causing discomfort and back ache. The Ultra 400 deluxe bariatric latex mattress is specifically designed for extra large people. This mattress supports individuals weighing between 300-400 pounds. Sizes range from twin, full, queen and king.

Plus Size Chairs

If you are looking for a practical chair, the Snowball 500 is a good bet. This chair is stackable with a 26” wide opening and 500 lbs capacity. If you’re searching for an office chair, the Throne High Back 400 will give you 400 lbs capacity along with arm rests and full swivel.  The Parsons chair is also a good and sturdy choice having a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. Also, the Pride XXL Mobility is a 600 lbs chair that offers a heavy duty lift actuator. For your patio and outdoor furniture solutions, the Exeter 500 steel chair will give you the comfort and reinsurance of 500 lbs capacity.

Plus Size Bath Furniture and Toilets

There are a variety of plus size bathing and toilet furniture on the market. The Big John toilet seat is a popular brand having a 1,200 lbs capacity, the largest contoured seat on the market and a universal design that works with any round or elongated toilet. Over sized bathtubs and shower chairs are also available in plus size. Not all expensive plus size furniture mean better quality. Speak to the sales staff, ask questions, compare prices and don’t forget that it comes down to comfort and durability when choosing the right plus size furniture.

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