Plus Size Vacation Resorts, Freedom Paradise Resort in Mexico

Fox News: “The dream of a worry-free vacation has become a reality the ultimate in plus-size vacationing”

Plus size vacation resorts are becoming more evident. Freedom Paradise is the world’s first plus size-friendly, all-inclusive 112-room beach resort. It is located is located in Tankah, Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula70 milessouth of Cancun. It is on a secluded,250 yardslong stretched, powdery white sand beach, surrounded by gorgeous nature and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, encourage seaside enjoyment without self-consciousness

Freedom Paradise is the concept of the General Director, Julio Rincón. He had noticed the plus-size market was a niche being ignored. Jurriaan Klink of Holland, is the Commercial Director who took the idea and shaped it into the concept to have a size-friendly resort with a staff who have all taken special sensitivity training. The idea was to have a place you could go and walk on the beach, swim, and relax, no matter what size you were. Everyone should be able to have a get-away location was the concept behind Freedom Paradise.

When it came to designing the plus size vacation resorts, special care was taken to ensure than even the largest guests at Freedom Paradise would feel comfortable and free from embarrassment: Four-foot-wide chaise lounges encourage couples to stretch out, wide benches made of tree trunks without constricting armrests surround the property, and dining room chairs measure 26 inches across. All the furniture is reinforced and made of wood. Taking into account plus size vacation resorts set-up, many rooms are on the ground floor, just a short distance from the beach, a pool and the dining room.

Hotel walkways are broad, and reinforced king-size beds encourage uninhibited romance. Railings have been placed in showers and pools to make access easier. And staff of all sizes has been trained to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of guests. As an all-inclusive package, Freedom Paradise Resort offers guests a choice of five restaurants to dine in during their stay. Cuisine includes international, Italian, Mexican, a steakhouse, Hawaiian-style seafood, plus a snack bar.

Some of those amenities include scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing. Visit Mayan ruins at Tulúm, Cobá and Xel-Ha, or take part in meditations, yoga exercises, and bird feeding. Ultimately Freedom Paradise is a three star resort with a five star attitude. It’s not a resort hotel just for extra large people. It’s a plus size friendly place where anyone can enjoy an adventurous holiday. Plus size vacation resorts are always evolving to meet their guests needs so you can have an enjoyable holiday.

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