What Are The Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women?

Shoulder length hairstyles for plus size women

Hairstyles for plus size women with bangs

Hairstyles for plus size women: medium length haircuts

What Are The Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women?

Hairstyles for plus size women have the potential to cause plus size women to look smaller or heavier than she actually is depending on the cut. There are some haircuts that should not be used by plus size women, especially those with round faces. There is a flattering haircut for every plus size woman with straight, curly, or wavy hair with every facial shape. A good hairstylist will help a plus size woman determine the shape of her face; take into consideration the condition her hair is in and her body size, and help her determine the best hairstyle for that individual woman. Many plus size women are unknowingly adding pounds to her appearance by choosing the wrong hairstyle for her facial shape and weight. So what to look for in when looking at best hairstyles for plus size women?

Complementing Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

Heavy set women should choose medium length styles cut in shag style to complement her appearance and visibly slim down her face. Hairstyles that use long layers can often make heavy set women look much slimmer around the face as the layers accentuate the cheek bones. When a woman decides to change her hairstyle, the first step should be to determine what shape her face is. A heavy woman with a round face should stay away from shoulder length or shorter haircuts, choosing instead a style that is nearer to her shoulder blades since it will make the face look thinner. Hairstyles for plus size women with square face shapes should try to add a slight wave or several layers near the face, especially layers that emphasize the cheek bones.

Many differently sized women with different facial shapes find that straight hair is much easier to care for and is extra slimming, which draws attention to the woman’s face and away from the woman’s body. Curly hair can actually add volume to a plus size woman’s appearance. Large women should keep their hair around medium length to prevent their appearances from seeming older and heavier. Heavy set women should try and wear their hair down rather than pulled back as often as possible to draw attention away from the heavier areas around the face. If a plus size woman must pull her hair back, then only the top portion should be pulled up while the bottom is left loose.

Haircuts for Plus Size Women to Avoid

Haircuts plus size women should avoid often use heavy, straight bangs across the forehead as they cause the woman’s face to appear rounder and shorter. Plus size women should instead choose haircuts where the bangs are light, thin, and feathered off to one side to create a slimming, younger, more flattering look. Ideally, the bangs of a plus sized woman’s hair would be kept long and layered into the overall hair length. Bangs that are cut with texturing scissors add volume, texture, and extra dimension to the plus sized woman’s hairstyle.

Other hairstyles for plus size women that should be avoided are those that are below the shoulder blades. Long hairstyles emphasize the larger areas on a woman’s face, such as a large jaw line, and add years to her age. Hairstyles for larger women with tight curls should not be used unless necessary as they also cause the plus sized woman’s face to look more full and round than it actually is in reality. Styles that are shorter than shoulder length should also be avoided as much as possible as they will only cause the woman’s body to seem heavier than it really is. Short hairstyles cause the plus size woman’s face to become the focal point rather than certain areas on her face. For best hairstyles of plus size women visit us often as we publish more tips and tricks on various hairstyles and haircuts.

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